Final Standings, Fuller Craft April G/25 d5 – 04-29-2017

Fellow Brockton Chess Players,
Thanks to everyone who came to play in the Fuller Craft April G/30 d5 as part of the Fuller Craft Chess Club series. Due to an advertising glitch on my part, we did not get as many players as we might have, but we did get six and were happy to have them. They got to eat all the pizza and the abundant snacks.
Because we needed to wrap up earlier than normal due to a later scheduled event, we changed the time control to the quicker G/25 d5 instead of the advertised G/30 d5, As a result, we were finished by 3:00 PM!
With only six players, we had just one Section, and here are the winners:
1st Place: Gregor Klimov
2nd Place (tied): Naor Wiesel, William Neminovsky
The dates are not set yet, but we have the following events on tap:
1. Rated Blitz at our Thursday Club
2. Our next weekend QUADs
3. Summer weekend Chess Camp
4. Our Spiegel Cup Series Tournament in the fall
This is a wonderful location for our Chess Club. See you over the board.
Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
Fuller Craft Chess Club
Tournament Director and Chess Instructor

Final Standings, Fuller Craft April G/25 d5 – 04-29-2017

# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Tot Prize
1 Gregory Victor Klimov 14625518 1163 W6 W4 W2 3.0 1st
2 Naor Wiesel 16257736 1064 W3 W5 L1 2.0 2nd – tied
3 William Nemirovsky 13159863 1390 L2 W6 W4 2.0 2nd – tied
4 Justin E Medoff 12663912 1215 W5 L1 L3 1.0
5 Jacob Snell 15597803 832 L4 L2 W6 1.0
6 Boyu Liu 16286727 438 L1 L3 L5 0.0



Fuller Craft Chess Club April G/30 d5 QUAD – 04-29-2017

USCF-Rated Chess Tournament
Fuller Craft Chess Club
Fuller Craft Museum

455 Oak Street
Brockton, MA 02301

Spring Chess Tournament
at Fuller Craft Museum

Saturday, April 29, 2017
12:00 pm-4:00 pm

Calling all chess players! ESPECIALLY NEW PLAYERS!

Join us for an afternoon of strategy, intellect, and fun
– a Chess Tournament at Fuller Craft
Museum. Beginner, intermediate, and
advanced players are all invited to three
rounds of chess playing officiated by
Tournament Director Nicholas P. Sterling,
Ph.D., USCF Chess Tournament
Director. Come simply to observe or play to win!

The registration fee (players and observers) is the cost of admission to the Fuller Craft Museum.

10:45 am – 11:45 am Registration

U.S. Chess Federation Membership is NOT
required for registration, but may be required for play

12:00 – 4:00 pm 3 Rounds of Chess. Everyone plays all 3 rounds.
PIZZA will be ordered!  We ask for a $10 donation to defray the cost.

A prize will be awarded to the top player
in each section.Register online or call
508.588.6000. Pre-registered players
should check in by 10:45 am.


Bay State Chess Kings KICK IT at Hurvitz Cup! – 04-09-2017

Fellow Bay State Chess Kings,

     I am immensely proud of all the competitors who did so well at the Hurvitz Cup yesterday.  Well done!  In the case of the 6-8 players, apparently all they had to do was just show up!

     A couple of you sent me photographs, and I’ll post those on the Bay State Chess Kings Facebook Group and Blog.   Make sure you join both of these if you have not already.   If you have any more photos, you’re welcome to post them yourselves or send them to me.

     It is too bad that my ongoing illness kept me away from the competition yesterday.  Unfortunately, although I’m feeling better today, I don’t think I’m quite up for class and Team Practice yet tomorrow, so regrettably I have to CANCEL those.

     If anyone would like to meet next Sunday (Easter) or Tuesday (during spring vacation), notify me and (my health permitting) we’ll set those up.

     And finally I wish all those observing a very happy Passover.  Don’t lose the Afikoman.

     See you at Team Practice next week or in class in two weeks.  Have a great spring break.

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.

Bay State Chess Kings

Team Organizer


Final Standings, Concord-Carlisle Scholastic March G/30 d5 – 03-12-2017

Fellow Concord-Carlisle players,

Brrr! This was not the most fun tournament to run on a bitter cold March weekend. The heater in the building broke over the cold weekend, leaving us stranded with no heat or hot water. After suffering through three rounds all bundled up (most of us), we finally gave up on our planned fourth Round.

Despite this contingency, we still had a great time. Thanks in abundance to Yuval, Daniel, and Alexander for helping to organize all these tournaments over the past few years (they will be out of the country the next academic year), and thanks to Steve Frymer for helping to direct.


Over Age 11:

Henry Booth (1st)
Lucas Kamon (2nd)
Dylan Jiang (3rd)
Matthew Loose, Daniel Erlich-Herzog, Naor Wiesel (medals)

Age 11 & Under:

Jacob Snell (1st)
Sritan Devineni (2nd)
Tristan Pritchard (3rd)
Caden Obrien, Hari Palaniyappan, John Fullerton (medals)

This ends the tournament season for Concord-Carlisle. However, I still have two more tournaments to direct, one on 4/1/17 in Burlington (no fooling!), and one on 4/29/17 in Brockton. Check out details at masschess.org

, and please note down the dates.See you over the board in what I hope will be a warmer building next time.

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
Concord-Carlisle Chess Club
Tournament Director

Final Standings, Concord-Carlisle Scholastic March G/30 d5: Over Age 11, 03-12-2017

# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Tot Prize
1 Henry Booth 15854548 1059 W4 W9 W5 3.0 1st
2 Lucas Harding Kamon 15697335 1128 W9 W12 W3 3.0 2nd
3 Dylan Jiang 15569732 1018 W6 W7 L2 2.0 3rd
4 Matthew Loose 15032291 911 L1 W8 W10 2.0 Medal
5 Daniel Erlich-herzog 15405600 978 W10 W11 L1 2.0 Medal
6 Naor Wiesel 16257736 unr. L3 B— W11 2.0 Medal
7 Alexander Erlich-herzog 15405595 1127 D8 L3 W12 1.5
8 Max Tanner Williams 15131143 922 D7 L4 W13 1.5
9 Holden Chalfant 15214147 940 L2 L1 B— 1.0
10 Alexander Mayo 16260216 unr. L5 W13 L4 1.0
11 Amir Lagasse 16297597 unr. W13 L5 L6 1.0
12 Eshana Rao 16323024 unr. H— L2 L7 0.5
13 Eric Chang 16089298 951 L11 L10 L8 0.0











Final Standings, Concord-Carlisle Scholastic March G/30 d5: Age 11 & Under, 03-12-2017

# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Tot Prize
1 Jacob Snell 15597803 772 W5 W9 W4 3.0 1st
2 Sritan Devineni 15586296 812 W6 D3 W7 2.5 2nd
3 Tristan Pritchard 15731327 523 W13 D2 W10 2.5 3rd
4 Caden Obrien 15747220 564 W15 W10 L1 2.0 Medal
5 Hari Palaniyappan 16013731 320 L1 B— W9 2.0 Medal
6 John Fullerton 15748710 422 L2 W13 W11 2.0 Medal
7 Matthew Fitzgibbon 16233415 unr. H— W12 L2 1.5
8 Matthieu Schiermeier 16215308 unr. H— U— W14 1.5
9 Edmund Pritchard 15968531 521 W11 L1 L5 1.0
10 Kellen Davies Remley 16193527 501 W14 L4 L3 1.0
11 Vedant Vijay Patil 16290614 unr. L9 W14 L6 1.0
12 Hanyuan Zhang 16317152 unr. H— L7 D13 1.0
13 Jayden Newland 16323003 unr. L3 L6 D12 0.5
14 Jonathan Newland 16323018 unr. L10 L11 L8 0.0
15 Isabella Sawicka 15871453 105 L4 U— U— 0.0



Concord-Carlisle Scholastic March G/30 d5 – 03-12-2017

Concord-Carlisle Scholastic March G/30 d5

at Harvey Wheeler Community Center

Sunday, March 12, 2017

1:00 pm-6:15 pm


Registration 1:00-1:30 PM Rounds 1-4 1:45-6:15 PM (may finish earlier)
$15 regular rate for advance registration by 3/9/17 ($10 for Concord CC Members); $20 regular rate at door ($15 for Concord CC Members).

E-Mail for Advance Registration: concordchess@yahoo.com or nicholas@xenophon98.com

Website for Advance Registration with PayPal:   http://masschess.org/Events/Event_Details.aspx?Event_ID=5646



Harvey Wheeler Community Center

1276 Main Street

Concord, MA 01742
Free parking in back of building   Two RATED Scholastic Sections: Over Age 11; Age 11 & Under   Please bring boards, sets, and ESPECIALLY CLOCKS if you have them. All of these will be provided at the site for those who do not have them.

Players must have a current membership with the United States Chess Federation (USCF: annual fee $17 to join or renew, depending on age); sign-up at site can be arranged, or you can enroll online at uschess.org or by calling 800-903-8723 (or  931-787-1234) during daytime business hours.

First, second, and third prizes will be awarded to the top three winners in each section with at least six players enrolled.


Final Standings, Concord-Carlisle 2nd Annual Scholastic Blitz – 02-11-2017

Fellow Concord-Carlisle Scholastic players,
img_2925 img_2926 img_2927 img_2928 img_2929 img_2930 img_2931 img_2932 img_2933 img_2934 img_2935 img_2936 img_2937 img_2938 img_2939 img_2940 img_2941 img_2942 img_2944 img_2945 img_2946 img_2947 img_2948 img_2949 img_2950 img_2951 img_2952 img_2953 img_2954 img_2955 img_2956 img_2957 img_2958 img_2960 img_2961 img_2962 img_2963 img_2964 img_2965 img_2966 img_2967 img_2968 img_2969 img_2970 img_2971 img_2972 img_2973 img_2974 img_2975 img_2976
A brave dozen of you made your way across snow-covered, windswept, blizzard-struck roads and back-forest paths to the Harvey Wheeler Center in West Concord to compete in our 2nd Annual Blitz. Despite a late start we got done in little more than two hours, and despite a lot turnout we gave away all our Trophies.
Congratulations to the winners:
Over Age 11:
1st Place: Alexander Erlich-Herzog
2nd Place: Daniel Erlich-Herzog
3rd Place: Henry Booth
Age 11 & Under:
1st Place: Daniel Stepanyan
2nd Place: Prakul Saxena
3rd Place: Caden O’Brien
We hope that many of you will join us in Burlington next Saturday (2/18) for the first ever tournament run by Chess Empire Kids. Details are at http://masschess.org/Events/Event_Details.aspx?Event_ID=5718.
Also, our next Concord-Carlisle event, and the final one for the 2016-2017 season of the Concord-Carlisle Club, is on Sunday
Please join us for both these events!
Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
Concord-Carlisle Chess Club
Tournament Director

Final Standings. Concord-Carlisle 2nd Annual Blitz: 02-11-2017

# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Rd 8 Rd 9 Rd 10 Rd 11 Rd 12 Tot Prize
1 Alexander Erlich-herzog 15405595 1126 W6 W6 W4 W4 D3 W3 W5 W5 W7 W7 W8 W8 11.5  1st – Over age 11
2 Daniel Erlich-herzog 15405600 965 W7 W7 D3 D3 W8 W8 D4 D4 W5 W5 W9 W9 10.0  2nd – Over age 11
3 Henry Booth 15854548 1051 W12 W12 D2 D2 D1 L1 W8 W8 W4 W4 D7 W7 9.0  3rd – Over age 11
4 Holden Chalfant 15214147 940 W10 W10 L1 L1 W9 W9 D2 D2 L3 L3 W11 W11 7.0
5 Daniel Stepanyan 15703764 882 D9 D9 D8 D8 W10 W10 L1 L1 L2 L2 W12 W12 6.0 1st – Age 11 & Under
6 Prakul Saxena 15719101 763 L1 L1 D9 D9 D7 D7 L11 L11 W12 W12 W10 W10 6.0  2nd – Age 11 & Under
7 Caden O’Brien 15747220 503 L2 L2 W11 W11 D6 D6 W12 W12 L1 L1 D3 L3 5.5  3rd – Age 11 & Under
8 Sritan Devineni 15586296 812 W11 W11 D5 D5 L2 L2 L3 L3 W10 W10 L1 L1 5.0
9 Naor Wiesel 16257736 unr. D5 D5 D6 D6 L4 L4 D10 D10 D11 W11 L2 L2 4.5
10 Roshni Bhattacharya 16237487 unr. L4 L4 W12 W12 L5 L5 D9 D9 L8 L8 L6 L6 3.0
11 Joshua Lee 16260353 unr. L8 L8 L7 L7 L12 L12 W6 W6 D9 L9 L4 L4 2.5
12 Luca Conigliaro 16215775 646 L3 L3 L10 L10 W11 W11 L7 L7 L6 L6 L5 L5 2.0



Concord-Carlisle Chess Club: Scholastic Blitz Tournament

Scholastic Blitz Chess Tournament

at Harvey Wheeler Community Center,

1276 Main Street, Concord

Saturday, February 11, 2017

10:00 AM-2:30 PM


G/5 d0 (Blitz-Rated); two games per Round

Trophies will be awarded to the top three players; Medals will be awarded to other players with scores of 9 or more points

U.S. Chess Federation Membership: REQUIRED.

Register for USCF Membership online or at chess tournament. Save money and go to: http://www.uschess.org

Door Registration: 9:00 AM – 9:45 AM. Entries after 9:45 AM will receive two 1/2-point byes or be paired if possible. Round 1 starts at 10:00 AM.

Pre-registered should check in by 9:00 AM.

REGISTER ONLINE  (http://masschess.org/Events/Event_Details.aspx?Event_ID=5647)

$15 for pre-registration ($10 for Club Members) by 2/9/17; $20 at the door ($15 for Club Members)

I Voted! Needham, MA 02494

I Voted