Final Standings in Waltham CC Summer Open 2012

Waltham Chess Club Summer Open 2012, Final Standings


1st Place: Steven Winer

2nd Place: Andy Li

Under 2000: Ross Eldridge, Andrew J Boyer, Peter Teodorescu (3-way tie)

Under 1300: Jesse Enoch Liu

Daily Prizes:

6/1/12: Steven Winer, Andy Li, Ross Eldridge, Conway Xu, Andrew Stone

6/8/12: Steven Winer, Andrew Boyer, Peter Teodorescu, Xiong Liu

6/15/12: Steven Winer, Andy Li, Andrew Stone, Michael Raphael

6/22/12: Vitaliy Ryabinin, Jesse Enoch Liu

6/29/12: Ross Eldridge, Peter Teodorescu, Daniel Wang

# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Rd 8 Rd 9 Rd 10 Tot Prize
1 Steven M Winer 12549813 2427 W22 W4 W6 W2 W3 W7 W14 D13 H— H— 1st
2 Andy Li 14115246 1674 W15 W5 W3 L1 W4 W10 H— H— D6 D7 7 2nd
3 Ross Eldridge 12399747 1993 W11 W17 L2 W10 L1 W20 L4 D14 W9 W6 U2000
4 Andrew J Boyer 12893940 1671 W16 L1 W11 W14 L2 W5 W3 L6 W7 D9 U2000
5 Peter Teodorescu 14257357 1315 W19 L2 W20 W7 L13 L4 D9 W17 W14 W11 U2000
6 Conway Xu 14145858 1789 W12 W10 L1 W17 H— H— L13 W4 D2 L3
7 Vitaliy Ryabinin 14237176 1609 H— H— W12 L5 W11 L1 W17 W10 L4 D2
8 Jesse Enoch Liu 14716377 629 L9 L22 W24 L11 W18 L17 W27 W12 D20 W14 U1300
9 David W Martin 12877246 1600 W8 H— W14 H— U— U— D5 W11 L3 D4 5
10 Andrew Luff 12788788 1551 W18 L6 W23 L3 W12 L2 W20 L7 L11 W19 5
11 Alvin Tan 13696770 1042 L3 W24 L4 W8 L7 W12 W15 L9 W10 L5 5
12 Daniel Wang 14551900 989 L6 W18 L7 W23 L10 L11 W24 L8 W15 W20 5
13 Ilya Vladimir Rozonoyer 12733326 1687 L14 W16 H— H— W5 L21 W6 D1 U— U—
14 Andrew Stone 14702623 974 W13 W26 L9 L4 W17 W16 L1 D3 L5 L8
15 Carl Fetteroll 14903973 935 L2 W19 L17 L20 W24 D22 L11 W26 L12 W18
16 Sri Nuvvula 14693352 888 L4 L13 W27 L19 W28 L14 W23 D20 H— H—
17 Stephen E Carlin 12674473 1457 W24 L3 W15 L6 L14 W8 L7 L5 H— H— 4
18 David Peng 14736611 418 L10 L12 L19 W27 L8 B— H— H— W24 L15 4
19 Xiong Liu 14924263 unr. L5 L15 W18 W16 H— H— U— L23 W25 L10 4
20 Matthew Sullivan 14856194 unr. H— H— L5 W15 W22 L3 L10 D16 D8 L12 4
21 Michael Raphael 12852236 1731 H— H— U— U— W23 W13 U— U— U— U— 3
22 Leonardo Cheng 13606330 1160 L1 W8 H— H— L20 D15 U— U— U— U—
23 Patrick Sullivan 14856208 671 H— H— L10 L12 L21 D24 L16 W19 U— U—
24 Earl Mitchell Gogan 14869096 168 L17 L11 L8 B— L15 D23 L12 W27 L18 L25
25 Stephen Desouza 12811020 1420 H— H— U— U— U— U— U— U— L19 W24 2
26 Eric Heinecke 14193718 1011 H— L14 H— U— U— U— U— L15 U— B— 2
27 Sanjana Kadiyala 14728680 107 H— H— L16 L18 U— U— L8 L24 U— U— 1
28 Atharva Kasar 14933471 unr. H— H— U— U— L16 U— U— U— U— U— 1


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