NESA July G/30 Chess Tournament 7/16, 7/23, 7/30 5:00-7:30 PM – FREE PIZZA 7/16!!

Hi all,

Announcing the following upcoming Chess event:


NESA July G/30 Chess Tournament, Nicholas Sterling (United States Chess Federation Tournament Director), Monday, 7/16, 7/23, 7/30, 5:00-7:30 PM (may finish earlier); $10 per night, $20 for three nights together (pre-enrollment required); 6-round Swiss, G/30.

This is NESA’s fourth chess tournament! Please bring boards, sets, and ESPECIALLY CLOCKS if you have them. All of these will be provided at the site for those who do not have them. FREE PIZZA NIGHT!! Monday 7/16/12. At least two sections will be arranged (given enough players), one USCF-rated, one unrated. For the rated section, players must have:

(a) a current membership with the United States Chess Federation (USCF: annual fee $16-$24 to join or renew, depending on age); sign-up at site can be arranged, or you can enroll online at uschess.org or by calling 800-903-8723 (or 931-787-1234) during daytime business hours.

(b) a current membership with the Massachusetts Chess Association (MACA: annual fee $6-$14 for Juniors, without or with _Chess Horizons_); sign-up at site can be arranged, or you can enroll online at http://masschess.org/­Joining/PayPal/PayPal_Join.asp. Depending on entries, the two sections may be further broken down by age, skill level, or USCF rating. The format of the tournament will be 6-round Swiss, Game/30. This means that all the players play all 6 rounds (if they wish to) regardless of win or loss. The pairings and colors are decided partly by the results from each round (wins, losses, and draws); the aim is to have players of similar skill levels playing each other by the fourth round.

All tournament sections will be run in accordance with USCF rules. Use of clock is required during play. Players must use ONE HAND ONLY to move each piece and press the clock. Scorekeeping is REQUIRED during play; a player who does not keep score will have 10 minutes subtracted from his time at the beginning of the game. Touch-move is enforced: a move is determined by letting go of the piece, and completed by punching the clock. If an illegal move is made on the board, the opponent adds two minutes to his/her clock, and play resumes. Delay clocks are preferred where available, but Black always has choice of all equipment unless White has a digital delay clock and Black does not. Black also starts the clock to begin a round.

The top player per night will receive a cash prize, plus the first and second prize players overall at the end of three nights will receive cash prizes (amounts depend on entries).

If time permits at the end of each night, we can play Bughouse or Vampire chess.

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