Big group for Night Out! Prizes for Munchkin! :-)

Hi all,
     Not only did we have a doubly big group for both Upstairs and Downstairs Nights Out, but we – yes, we did it – gave out prizes for Munchkin!!  The winners were as follows: Remy Allegro, Charlie Morris, Evan Stotsky, Yaroslav Mikhaylov, Ronel Voshchin, and Giana Fiorino.  Congratulations to all the winners!
     Dodgeball, Football, and Frisbee were also immensely successful downstairs for both groups.   From what I observed also, we have some truly expert fortress construction workers!
     We are building up to having full-length Munchkin tournaments soon.  One possibility may be to incorporate them into the upcoming Academics Summer Camp, either during the Camp time itself (1-4 PM). or before or after, depending on interest and availability.  Also we can run ones on Saturday starting earlier in the afternoon and running into normal Night Out time.   That way we can get the requisite 3 rounds in.
     Thanks to Andrew and Matt for both this week and last week’s great job, but especially tonight with the big challenging group.   Thanks also to Amanda and Steve for last week’s help, and Paige for keeping tough order tonight.
     More exciting Munchkin and gym games to come next week.   See you then!
Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.

NESA, Chief Munchkin

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