Put Fu and Bites together, and Night Out overflows with Munchkin! Kickball in the Gym!

Hi all,

Though we had a small group again, I had a marvelous time tonight with an enthusiastically devoted group to Munchkin.  The time just flew by!   For the first time, Fu and Bites got played together in a marvelous Epic showdown.  In the end the player who started off the furthest back staged a dramatic come-from-behind victory.  The night afterward concluded with a shorter but equally fun game of Axe Cop.   Overall it was a refreshingly entertaining evening.

Kickball made  a welcome comeback downstairs in the Gym.  In the future I’m thinking of a holding a Kickball competition or tournament at Night Out so that we can get a bigger group here to play.   Though Munchkin is my passion, I miss playing Kickball myself.  🙂

Pizza tonight was supplemented by some fruit and vegetables (with delectable dip) and some truly devilish chocolate cake from an earlier party (thanks to the Front Desk for contributing it!).  No lie what I said before: you eat well at Upstairs Night Out!

Next week I’m hosting a Greek Mythology Birthday Party featuring…a Labyrinth for Theseus to hunt down and kill the Minotaur!  (Think the movie Immortals.)  Can’t wait!  We should do something like that at Night Out.  Let me know if you’re game, and see you next week!

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.

NESA, Chief Munchkin

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