Holiday Night Out! Prize for Volleyball outdoors! (Or 1000 inside.)

With the 4th of July just come and gone (and we hope you enjoyed your Independence Day), let’s turn to Night Out tomorrow night. I realize most of you are away, but I hope we can get a few of you here.

This week I just got a volleyball and am tremendously eager to hit the net. So here’s the scoop: Anyone who plays in a full game of Volleyball outside will get a $5 credit. Those on the WINNING team will get an extra $5 credit (total $10). But the game HAS to be declared FINISHED (not stopped in the middle) for credits to be given out. A normal Volleyball game goes to 15 points, but we can stop sooner, such as at 8, if everyone gets tired.

As an alternate, the game 1000 can be played indoors (it uses a tennis ball in the basketball court). Come learn the rules if you don’t know them!

Pizza and drinks will be served. Munchkin and other games upstairs. We’ll see you tomorrow night!

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D. NESA, would-be Volleyball fanatic

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