Movies have come to Night Out! Swordplay, Illuminati, Dice!

This Night Out went NOTHING like I expected.

Though we had only four kids tonight (presumably due to the holiday weekend), we had an extraordinarily diverse run of activities. Swordplay in competition took up the first part of the night, and then we had some Illuminati, Cthulhu Dice, and Dino Hunt Dice, all new Steve Jackson games for me. But then came the most unexpected twist: we got out Netflex on my computer and put on a MOVIE! Apparently the winning choice (NOT agreed upon by all the contenders) was an episode of Munsters. I haven’t seen THAT black-and-white show in a LONG time.

Now that I know that movies are a staple of Night Out, I’ll poll everyone next week about what movie they’d like to see. All it will take will be for me to extract the projector and screen from their hidden storage spots, apply my Ph.D. intelligence to the task of setting them up, obtain plenty of popcorn, and we’re OFF! Suggestions for movies will be most welcome.

With all that going on, no one got to claim the Volleyball or 1000 credits. We’ll save those for some later week.

Thanks to Matt and Paige for helping out tonight. We’ll be back again next week, movie projector and screen in hand, so make sure to get back from summer camp and vacation on time! And speaking of Camp, anyone who attends three consecutive Academic Camp afternoons in a row gets 25% off Night Out if they come that same weekend. See you at NESA! :-)

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
NESA, Chief Illuminatus

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