And MAGICAL it was! Night Out one of the best ever… :-D

Hi all,

Night Out topped out tonight with one of the best ever that I have enjoyed. Our numbers increased from last weeks’ seven to eleven this week – we’re making progress back to the crowds of old! Downstairs had plenty of gym time that climaxed with a War-Ball game. Upstairs was a fantastic mix of Munchkin Quest and Magic that kept the dungeon explorers and mythic adventurers glued to the chairs for a good part of the night. Some kids managed to do both – the best balance to strike! And we got one Chess game in too. But the winner emerged as Conor, with his second $10 credit. Warm congratulations and thanks! 🙂

Thanks to Matt for great times in the gym, and Steve for hefting so many Magic cards and other games to the site and keeping the Magic in the air AND on the table. Much appreciation.

In two weeks we may finally be able to hold our first official Munchkin Tournament in weeks. Stay tuned! Meanwhile we’ll be back next week for out first Night Out in August. See you then!

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
NESA, Supervisor of the Magical Arts

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