SHARK! Night Out in the foam pit…and Super Spy! Saturday 6-10 PM

Hi all,
        By now it is well-known that, if you compare baby-sitting with Night Out, NESA Night Out makes for a much better deal for everyone involved.  Saturday night will prove it.  One of our featured games of the night is Shark!  In the foam pit, whoever successfully either survives Shark attacks the longest or else deals the most blows to the Shark, will receive a $10 credit.  As Academic Camp got to experience this week, Shark is incredible fun – far better and cheaper than ANY baby-sitter.
        Upstairs, Munchkin Impossible has lain unused in our closet for far too long.  This is our other featured game of the night.  Whoever wins three rounds of Munchkin Impossible (it may be mixed with other sets) will get $10 credit.  Furthermore, an extra $10 will be granted if the winner also defeats the Level 20 Monster Super Spy.
         Finally, I doubt you’ll catch any baby-sitter bringing in pizza and drink.  They’ll be there – plenty to feast on!
         Please pre-register for the Shark-filled, Spy-filled, fun at http://www.nesacademy.com/?page=events&id=1.  And remember that we still have one month left of Academic Camp.
         We’ll see you Saturday night.  Bring your harpoon for the Shark and your trench-coat for the Spy!
Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.

NESA, Shark of the Ages

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