REVENGE trumps Shark at Night Out – a new game!! Munchkin Tournament next week 4-10 PM

Hi all,

First, let me thank in abundance my three staff members – Matt, Troy, and Ryan – who did such a great job helping out tonight and made the game of Revenge so much fun, for me as well as our seven attendees.   Matt is a formidable Dodgeball player and had the rest of us running for cover!  🙂  Ryan and Troy were new to Night Out and graciously offered their services.  I greatly appreciated their coming in and look forward to having them return on future weeks.

Apparently Andrew, who has been much missed here at Night Out, will be returning next week.  I can’t wait to have him back!

Revenge is a new game for Night Out that was hatched last week; it is essentially a game of Dodgeball, played with foam blocks, that spans the space of the gym.  Players who get out go to the Foam Pit, until the players who got them out are themselves put out; then the first players come back in.  I plan to release videos of the game on Facebook.  We’ll use it next week as our featured $10 credit game.

Next week also we have our first official Munchkin Tournament to be held for some time – exciting!  The event starts at 4 PM, and players need pay only the normal $25/$50 Night Out fee for the 6-10 period.  Munchkin itself will likely last for 6 hours, and we will give out a Grand Prize plus Ribbon Prizes for players who complete three rounds.  Meanwhile, Open Gym and Revenge or other games downstairs will go as normal.

Once more, thanks so much for making tonight a lot of fun; let’s get more Munchkin and Revenge players here next week!

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
NESA, Revenge Arbiter

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