MUNCHKIN TOURNAMENT Saturday 4-10 PM…and REVENGE for Night Out!

Hi all,

Our first ever 6-hour-long Munchkin Tournament will be held this Saturday starting at 4 PM – note the earlier starting time.  Participants may come at 4 PM and pay only the normal $25 or $50 Night Out, thereby effectively getting the first two hours free.  However, the Gym will not be open until the normal time of 6 PM.   The NESA rules of the Munchkin Tournament are given at http://www.nesacademy.com/?page=leagues&id=4, and besides these, official rules of Steve Jackson Games will be observed.  Players can download these from the Steve Jackson Games website (e-mail me for instruction of how to do this).

Players are welcome to bring in their own versions of Munchkin for the tournament and other accessories, although which ones will be played will depend on consensus among groups of players.

Our normal Night Out is at 6-10 PM, and the featured game this week is the enormously successful and fun REVENGE, launched with verve and fervor last Saturday.  For the rules of Revenge, please e-mail me.  The winner (the only one left standing) after three rounds receives a $10 credit plus an additional prize.  If the Munchkin Tournament finishes early, the Munchkin players are welcome to join their fellow Night Out denizens for Revenge.

Pizza and drinks will be served during Night Out.  You may pre-register at our normal Night Out website: http://www.nesacademy.com/?page=events&id=1.

We’ll see you Saturday!   Let’s get Munchkin Impossible going again!  🙂

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
NESA, Chief Munchkin

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