Wrap-Up of Academic Camp: MANHUNT Saturday at Night Out! Bring FLASHLIGHTS, GLOWSTICKS!

Hi all,

To celebrate the completion of the first Academic Camp in its new
home upstairs at NESA, we will have two featured events this Saturday
at Night Out:

1. Munchkin: it’s time to roll out Looking for Trouble and
Portal Kombat! These additions to Munchkin Quest have transformed the
game. Plus, we have the new Munchkin based on the Wild West: The Good,
The Bad, and the Munchkin. Both of these will be the featured games

Additionally, after Night Out’s two week break, we’ll
have a Munchkin Tournament on one of the three weekends after we
return. Stay tuned!

2. Manhunt: Bring a FLASHLIGHT or GLOWSTICK! $1 credit for
each tool of illumination that you bring. Weather is supposed to be
glorious this Labor Day weekend, so let’s celebrate it in the
encroaching darkness outdoors. Manhunt is the featured game downstairs.

Both games will award a $10 credit to the overall winner after 3
completed rounds of play. In the case of Manhunt, the credit will go
to each player who is on the winning team three times.

Pizza and drinks will be served. You may pre-register at

Thanks for a tremendously wonderful year at Academic Camp.
Let’s kick off fall in *GLOWING* style this weekend!

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
NESA, Night Out Supervisor and eager student of Manhunt!

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