REVENGE and MANHUNT make Night Out a gym night!

It was a small turnout for the holiday weekend, but we nonetheless had a marvelous time in the gym with Revenge and then the new game of MANHUNT! Despite a bruised toe, I had a fabulous time acting as both Guardian Angel and Fiend, randomly helping both the hiding and the seeking sides. Once we work out some kinks, such as having more flashlights, to make the game safer, we can make Manhunt a staple of Night Out.  Way to go, guys!

I appreciate all the help from Andrew, Matt, Ryan, and Troy in keeping the night flowing entertainingly.

For the next two weeks I am off elsewhere and won’t have Night Out, but I will be back in three weeks.   Looking forward to seeing you all again when I return!

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.

NESA, Lord of Manhunt

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