Munchkin, GURPS, D&D – What a Night Out! (new Pathfinder 3.5 & GURPS campaigns upstairs soon)

Fellow Dungeoneers,

Abundance thanks to Scott, Peter, and Matt for helping out with our great D&D night for six hours upstairs.  Though only a few brave, hardy warriors showed up for battle, they played all the games with great skill and made the night a great deal of fun.   Munchkin and GURPS lasted the whole six hours, and some of the kids got newly interested in GURPS.   The biggest success of the D&D campaign was the glorious defeat of three Chitines in the oozy Laboratory.  What are Chitines?  Only those who come to D&D regularly can find out.

Next week the gym will be back to normal downstairs (at last!).  In coming weeks we will add a bunch of new activities, such as Nerf Warfare, to the Downstairs offerings, and we will expand role-playing upstairs to include Pathfinder and GURPS campaigns.  These campaigns, when formed, will select a few players to be part of exclusive groups, so stay tuned both by e-mail and in person to learn more about these.

But in the meantime, the Mage must be pursued both in Camp and at Night Out next week.  Let’s go get him!

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
NESA, Role-Playing Sage

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