NERF Warfare has gotten underway at NESA! Minecraft at Night Out, too?

Fellow Dungeoneers and Wielders of Nerf Arsenal,

XXTreme Night Camp is underway!  And NERF WARFARE has taken off!

Not only that, but we may be introducing a Minecraft activity into Academic Camp this week, and if it takes off, we’ll bring it to Night Out as well.

So Night Out is ready for its transformation.  Nerf Warfare, Minecraft, and the pursuit of the Mage in D&D may all rage forth this Saturday.   Best of all, the adventurers are doing such a great job in Academic Camp penetrating the Mage’s Dungeon that we’ve come far closer to a direct confrontation with him than was the case last week!

For Nerf Warfare, bring your own guns and ammunition.  If you do not own any, you may elect to rent out ours.  There is a $7 rent (extra charge).

Pizza and drinks will be served.  Kids age 6 and up may be pre-registered at http://www.nesacademy.com/?page=events&id=1.

And maybe we’ll chase down the Mage with Nerf!  So DEFINITELY do not miss it!  🙂

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
NESA, Nerf Consultant

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