Swordplay goes WILD at Night Out!

Fellow Sword–Players,

What a COMEBACK for Sword-play!

At some point I should be posting some videos on Facebook, but we had an aggressive, entertaining, brilliant display of Swordplay tonight at Night Out.  In the end, after a ferocious hard-fouhgt battle to the death (in Swordplay terms, of course), two counselors and one of the kids emerged victorious.  The kid has made it to Level 2 and has a superb chance of becoming our first Level 3 in Swordplay.  And he also has made considerable progress in D&D and wants DESPERATELY to find the Mage!  (Will he be the first?)

Thanks to Scott, Andrew, Matt, and Peter (yes, I remembered him this time!) for doing such a great job helping out in the gym and with Swordplay.  Congratulations to Scott and Peter for their victories in Swordplay.

We will still keep GURPS, Pathfinder, and Clay Wars (what’s THAT??) ready.  But in the meantime, NERF WARFARE returns next Saturday.  Please do NOT miss this!  🙂

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
NESA, Master of the Enchanted Sword

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