NERF WARFARE this Saturday!! Night Out 6-10 PM

Fellow Nerfers,

Need I say MORE???

Well, maybe I should.  After all, there will still be D&D and the ever-present pursuit of the Mage.  (A bunch of characters got much closer to him this week during Academic Camp.)

Nerf Warfare this weekend has the following requirements:

1. Parents must sign waiver forms at the Front Desk, which will be kept on file there, before their kids will be allowed to participate in the competition.  (Once is enough, if you have already done this.)

2. Kids may bring their own weaponry, but MUST use our ammo, which are the standard shells used by Rampage and other guns.  We also have extra guns available if needed.

3. Safety goggles MUST be worn at all times during competition.  We realize that some of the goggles have proven uncomfortable to wear and will try to help out kids who are having trouble wearing them.  But safety is imperative.

4. Teams will be drawn up before each round of competition and the rules of each game (which can range from all-round elimination to Capture the Flag – solo-flag or multi-flag – to a combo with Dodgeball) will be explained before the competition.  If anyone wishes to indicate a preference for any particular type of game, please let me know in advance.

5. Fortresses may be built provided they meet standard NESA safety rules (e.g., no roofs, hidden open areas, or other hazards that could cause injuries).

6. If we get more than three rounds of play in and any player wins a majority of the rounds, he/she will qualify for the Featured Game prize, which may include a piece in our new Scavenger Hunt poem.   We haven’t had one of these for a while – will someone win this time?

Pizza and drinks will be served.  Kids over age 6 may be pre-registered at http://www.nesacademy.com/?page=events&id=1.

This will be a BLAST!!!!!!

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
NESA, Chief Nerfer

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