Smash-Up & GURPS at Weekend Warrior. Fourth of July!

June 28, 2015

Fellow Dungeon Explorers,

Smash-up! Love that game. 🙂

Before going further, let me first congratulate everyone for whom six colors flow in a stream of pride.

Now, tonight, while Manhunt took the Gym by storm downstairs – thanks, Matt, for getting that going! – GURPS took the Upstairs by storm as well. Thanks once again to Scott and Peter – both of whom plan to help with Camp this summer – for making GURPS a lot of fun.

But my own fun came with playing Smash-Up, one of this year’s star introductions to the Game Table upstairs. I look forward to lots of lots of Smash-Up in the Academic Camp weeks to come.

Two more Camp notes: We had a small but distinguished showing for our Giant Chess Set game earlier today. Thanks to those who came. Hades, Lord of the Underworld and the Black Pieces, made a spectural showing, and WON in the second session! Watch for details about Chess Camp and more Giant Chess Set matches.

And everyone watch for details about the Lego Brain Factory, the upcoming Lego Education Camp that promises to revolutionize Science and Math learning forever.

July 4th next week! So we’re off to be patriotic! Have a great Day of Independence!


Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
NESA, Smash-Up Chief

Weekend Warrior Saturday 6-10 PM (Munchkin Tournaments 4-10 PM)

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