Dodgeball (or Capture the Flag) for GURPS Points! Weekend Warrior this Saturday 6-10 PM

 July 30, 2015
Fellow Dodgeball Lovers,

        Dodgeball was such a big last Saturday that we decided to do it again this weekend at Weekend Warrior!   Plus we’ll add Capture the Flag to the mix.  These games will be available for GURPS Points or other prizes 6-8 PM before pizza.   LARP or Swordplay will be available after 9 PM.
        In D&D world, we have stumbled upon the revelation that a sequence of eight stones, rainbow colored, are needed to become up-close and friendly with dragons.   Dragons are great friends to have when a Mage is at large…or a SHERIFF….
        Pizza and drinks will be served ($5 contribution per child requested).  Pre-registration for kids age 6+ at http://www.nesacademy.com/?page=events&id=1.

        And I can’t wait to get going with the Giant Chess Set during Camp.   Meanwhile, come enjoy Dodgeball!

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
NESA, Dodgeball Warrior to Beat

Weekend Warrior, Saturdays 6-10 PM (Munchkin Tournaments 4-10 PM)

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