Bananas? A slippery Weekend Warrior!

August 2, 2015
Fellow NESA banana lovers,

        If you happen to be a devotee of bananas, tonight was the night to be at Weekend Warrior!
        Although we had only a small group tonight, the entertainment value was high.  GURPS tonight featured a brand-new demonic character whose claim to fame was the transformation of undead creatures, and other living objects, into bananas.  And if some unlucky enemy gets too close – there is a reason why a noted magic spell is called SLIDE!

D&D adventurers could use him if they have to go visit the

         Thanks to Peter for not monkeying around in his oversight of banana-driven battles with demons, and to Alyssa and Abby for making the gym, and our pizza time together, lots of fun.
         Next week’s theme for Weekend Warrior will be bananas.  The week after a different plant – dahlias – will take Weekend Warrior off the calendar, so take advantage of next week!

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
NESA, Weekend Warrior Chief of Bananas

Weekend Warrior Saturday 6-10 PM (Munchkin Tournaments 4-10 PM)

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