Bay State Chess Kings KICK IT at Hurvitz Cup! – 04-09-2017

Fellow Bay State Chess Kings,

     I am immensely proud of all the competitors who did so well at the Hurvitz Cup yesterday.  Well done!  In the case of the 6-8 players, apparently all they had to do was just show up!

     A couple of you sent me photographs, and I’ll post those on the Bay State Chess Kings Facebook Group and Blog.   Make sure you join both of these if you have not already.   If you have any more photos, you’re welcome to post them yourselves or send them to me.

     It is too bad that my ongoing illness kept me away from the competition yesterday.  Unfortunately, although I’m feeling better today, I don’t think I’m quite up for class and Team Practice yet tomorrow, so regrettably I have to CANCEL those.

     If anyone would like to meet next Sunday (Easter) or Tuesday (during spring vacation), notify me and (my health permitting) we’ll set those up.

     And finally I wish all those observing a very happy Passover.  Don’t lose the Afikoman.

     See you at Team Practice next week or in class in two weeks.  Have a great spring break.

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.

Bay State Chess Kings

Team Organizer

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