Final Standings, Fuller Craft April G/25 d5 – 04-29-2017

Fellow Brockton Chess Players,
Thanks to everyone who came to play in the Fuller Craft April G/30 d5 as part of the Fuller Craft Chess Club series. Due to an advertising glitch on my part, we did not get as many players as we might have, but we did get six and were happy to have them. They got to eat all the pizza and the abundant snacks.
Because we needed to wrap up earlier than normal due to a later scheduled event, we changed the time control to the quicker G/25 d5 instead of the advertised G/30 d5, As a result, we were finished by 3:00 PM!
With only six players, we had just one Section, and here are the winners:
1st Place: Gregor Klimov
2nd Place (tied): Naor Wiesel, William Neminovsky
The dates are not set yet, but we have the following events on tap:
1. Rated Blitz at our Thursday Club
2. Our next weekend QUADs
3. Summer weekend Chess Camp
4. Our Spiegel Cup Series Tournament in the fall
This is a wonderful location for our Chess Club. See you over the board.
Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
Fuller Craft Chess Club
Tournament Director and Chess Instructor

Final Standings, Fuller Craft April G/25 d5 – 04-29-2017

# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Tot Prize
1 Gregory Victor Klimov 14625518 1163 W6 W4 W2 3.0 1st
2 Naor Wiesel 16257736 1064 W3 W5 L1 2.0 2nd – tied
3 William Nemirovsky 13159863 1390 L2 W6 W4 2.0 2nd – tied
4 Justin E Medoff 12663912 1215 W5 L1 L3 1.0
5 Jacob Snell 15597803 832 L4 L2 W6 1.0
6 Boyu Liu 16286727 438 L1 L3 L5 0.0


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