NEXT FRIDAY: Waltham CC Tournament at Brandeis University, 11/17/17, 7-11 PM (and no Club Meeting 11/24)

Fellow Waltham CC Players,

Thanks to everyone who made this an excellent, if somewhat bizarrely paired, Autumn Open.  The Final Standings are below my signature, and congratulations to all the winners.

Next Friday 11/17/17, the Brandeis University Chess Club is hosting the fall Waltham Brandeis 4-Round G/15 d3.   This time the Tournament will be held in ROOM 313, on the third floor.   Registration is 7-8 PM and Round 1 will be at 8:15 PM.  If anyone needs help finding the place, he/she can text me at 781-733-0849.

Directions and the map are on the Schedule page at Waltham Chess Club.

The week after (Thanksgiving weekend), Waltham CC is not meeting.  Then we return on 12/1 for the first ever QUICK CHAMPIONSHIP.

We’ll see you at Brandeis on Friday 11/17.

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.

Waltham Chess Club

Tournament Director

Waltham Chess Club


1st Place: Alan Song

2nd Place: Ilya Rozonoyer

3rd Place: Anand Nair

Under 1400: Stephen Desouza, John Miller, Gordon Peters, Edward Shi (4-way tie)

Daily Prizes:

10/13/17: Alan Song, Ilya Rozonoyer, Anand Nair

10/20/17: Alan Song, Stephen Desouza

10/27/17: David Milliern, Yuriy Zhaurov

11/3/17: Alan Song, Ilya Rozonoyer, John Miller

11/10/17: Alan Song, Ilya Rozonoyer, Anand Nair, Edward Shi


Final Standings, Waltham CC 2017 Autumn Open – 10/13/2017-11/10/2017

# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Rd 8 Rd 9 Rd 10 Tot Prize
1 Alan Song 15418978 2065 W8 W4 W2 W5 H— H— W3 W6 W10 W15 9.0 1st
2 Ilya Rozonoyer 12733326 1906 W14 W7 L1 W9 W3 L5 W18 W8 W4 W6 8.0 2nd
3 Anand Nair 15223527 1877 W9 W6 L5 W4 L2 D13 L1 W14 W8 W10 6.5 3rd
4 David Milliern 13784637 1854 W10 L1 W14 L3 W9 W6 H— H— L2 W5 6.0
5 Yuriy Zhaurov 14256202 1973 H— H— W3 L1 W10 W2 L6 L7 W9 L4 5.0
6 Stephen E Carlin 12674473 1413 W18 L3 L9 W10 W8 L4 W5 L1 W14 L2 5.0
7 Nicholas Sterling 12454027 1804 W16 L2 U— U— W11 W14 U— W5 U— W9 5.0
8 Stephen Desouza 12811020 1334 L1 L10 W18 W14 L6 W9 W16 L2 L3 L11 4.0 U1400
9 John Miller 12744728 1209 L3 W18 W6 L2 L4 L8 W14 W16 L5 L7 4.0 U1400
10 Gordon Peters 15885708 1176 L4 W8 W16 L6 L5 W18 H— H— L1 L3 4.0 U1400
11 Ziang Shi 16140827 893 H— H— U— U— L7 W16 U— U— W17 W8 4.0 U1400
12 Jose Solorzano 16076642 1504 H— H— U— U— U— U— U— W18 U— W14 3.0
13 Ames Abbot 12522524 1839 H— H— U— U— W16 D3 U— U— U— U— 2.5
14 Eric A Heinecke 14193718 1262 L2 W16 L4 L8 W18 L7 L9 L3 L6 L12 2.0
15 Antonio Feng 16486682 636 H— H— U— U— U— U— U— U— W16 L1 2.0
16 Anthony German 16403756 929 L7 L14 L10 W18 L13 L11 L8 L9 L15 D17 1.5
17 Grant Overby 16439830 1305 H— H— U— U— U— U— U— U— L11 D16 1.5
18 Christina Quin 15902703 418 L6 L9 L8 L16 L14 L10 L2 L12 U— U— 0


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