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Shaloh House Spiegel Cup Series 2019 – 02-03-2019

Shaloh House Spiegel Cup Series 2019

Shaloh House Spiegel Cup Series 2019 – Chess Event Details on MACA
General Information

Event Organizer: Shaloh House
Event Location: Shaloh House Jewish Day School, 29 Chestnut Hill Ave, Brighton, MA 02135   [ Directions ]
Event Date: Sunday, February 03, 2019
Time Control: G/30 d5
Rounds Time: 1st Round 9:30 AM; others as previous round is completed
Byes: Maximum of two half-point byes if declared before start of Round 2; half-point byes do NOT count toward Spiegel Cup qualification
Prize Info: Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Places in each Section, Medals for players winning at least 3 Points who do not win Trophies
Inquiry:    781-733-0849

Registration Information

Entry Fee: $25 if registered online before midnight of 2/2/19; $30 at door
Registration – Onsite: 8:45-9:15 AM
Registration – Online: Available till END OF DAY OF 2/1/2019.

Sections Information

Tournament Sections: Register Now! 14 & Under
Register Now! 11 & Under
Register Now! 8 & Under
Register Now! Booster Under 1200

Tournament Rules and Other Information

  • MACA Spiegel Cup Scholastic event
  • Players in the 14 & Under, 11 & Under, and 8 & Under sections will receive points for the MACA Spiegel Cup Series
  • USCF membership required for all sections.
  • Booster section open to all players under age 15 who meet the rating requirements.
  • Sections with fewer than eight players may be combined.
  • Section eligibility based on age as of Dec. 31, 2018.


  • MACA provides tournament listing for all as a service to the chess community. For question, comments, or dispute regarding events that are not organized by MACA, please contact the tournament organizer directly.
  • If online registration is enabled on this event, you can Join/Renew your USCF and MACA membership at the online registration page. If online registration is not available, you can join MACA (The Massachusetts Chess Association) at our Online Membership Form and USCF (United States Chess Federation) at USCF Membership Page.

Final Standings. Concord-Carlisle Scholastic Ladder – 12-02-2018

Fellow Concord-Carlisle Scholastic players,

Thanks to the 24 Scholastic players from Concord and nearby who came to one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had as a TD. This was the first ever Ladder tournament organized by Concord-Carlisle and the first one I have ever overseen as a TD. It was a challenging experience for me, and likely the players as well, because I did not have all the tools I needed at my disposal to handle all the logistics, but now that I know what I need, I’ll come much better prepared next time.

Special thanks to David West for suggesting the ladder format and working with Mattan Kamon to bring it to Concord-Carlisle Chess Club. Even though the logistics need somewhat different handling to go smoother and faster, this was an innovative new event that I definitely look forward to running again.



1st – Arnaud Kohler

2nd – Dhairya Mehta

3rd – Ariel Zhou

Medals: Andrey Kalashnikov, Raeann Zhou, Bohan Wang

Watch your e-mails for the announcement of our next tournament. Have a great holiday season and see you over the board.

Nicholas P. Sterling, Ph.D.
Concord-Carlisle Chess Club
Tournament Director

# Name ID Rtng Post Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Tot Prize
1 Arnaud Kohler 16414296 1193 1220 W18 W11 U— U— W14 W10 W12 5.0 1st
2 Ariel Zhou 16371696 774 874 W11 L18 U— U— W16 U— W13 3.0 3rd
3 Andrey Kalashnikov 15855254 476 552 D7 U— U— W21 U— D9 W17 3.0 Medal
4 Raeann Zhou 16094277 838 872 L14 U— W13 U— W10 W11 U— 3.0 Medal
5 Bohan Wang 16880573 unr. 579 W24 U— U— W7 U— L6 W21 3.0 Medal
6 Elan Radcliffe Davenport 16803831 103 216 W22 D19 U— U— L12 W5 L16 2.5
7 Sultonnazar Khudonazarov 16833908 426 459 D3 U— U— L5 W20 U— W15 2.5
8 Dhairya Mitul Mehta 16378663 951 966 L13 U— W14 U— D18 U— W10 2.5 2nd
9 Armen Avetisyan 16623541 499 485 L21 U— W22 U— W15 D3 U— 2.5
10 Lang Yuan 16784076 235 270 W19 W15 U— U— L4 L1 L8 2.0
11 Tobias Harrison 16575008 831 791 L2 L1 W23 U— W19 L4 U— 2.0
12 Amy Nguyen 16151483 641 626 L16 U— W20 U— W6 L14 L1 2.0
13 Fedor Beliaev 16391773 1129 1080 W8 U— L4 U— W17 U— L2 2.0
14 Rayhan Riaz 16543002 845 860 W4 U— L8 U— L1 W12 U— 2.0
15 Max Currie 16813053 unr. 223 W23 L10 U— U— L9 W22 L7 2.0
16 Austin Fischl 16734328 657 641 W12 U— L17 U— L2 U— W6 2.0
17 Emilia Shen 16378327 551 554 D20 U— W16 U— L13 U— L3 1.5
18 Holden Chalfant 15214147 1217 1193 L1 W2 U— U— D8 U— U— 1.5
19 Zachary Tian 16605675 174 178 L10 D6 U— U— L11 W23 U— 1.5
20 Ryana Riaz 16542998 617 561 D17 U— L12 U— L7 U— W22 1.5
21 Christine Nguyen 16634247 491 475 W9 U— U— L3 U— U— L5 1.0
22 Esther Anna Gold 16878436 unr. 100 L6 U— L9 U— U— L15 L20 0.0
23 Tyler Keve 16878400 unr. 100 L15 U— L11 U— U— L19 U— 0.0
24 Kai Soroko Routhier 16885810 unr. 350 L5 U— U— U— U— U— U— 0.0

Concord-Carlisle Scholastic December Ladder – 12-02-2018

Concord-Carlisle Scholastic December Ladder
at Concord-Carlisle High School
Sunday, December 2, 2018
8:30 AM-1:30 PM

Registration 8:30-9:00 AM
Rounds 1-4 9:30 AM-1:30 PM (may finish earlier)
$15 regular rate for advance registration by 11/29/2018 ($10 for Concord CC Members);
$20 regular rate at door ($15 for Concord CC Members).

E-Mail for Advance Registration:

Website for Advance Registration with PayPal:
Concord-Carlisle Scholastic December Ladder – Chess Event Details on MACA

Concord-Carlisle High School
500 Walden Street
Concord, MA 01742

One RATED Scholastic Section:

Please bring boards, sets, and ESPECIALLY CLOCKS if you have them. All
of these will be provided at the site for those who do not have them.

Players must have a current membership with the United States Chess Federation (USCF: annual fee $17 to join or renew, depending on age); sign-up at site can be arranged, or you can enroll online at or by calling 800-903-8723 (or 931-787-1234) during daytime business hours.

First, second, and third prizes will be awarded to the top three
winners in each section with at least six players enrolled.

I Voted! Needham, MA 02494

I Voted